Curing Leukemia...One Stroke at a Time!


Elaine Howley (Boston, MA) is recognized by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as the co-world record-holder for the fastest Boston Light “Double,” a 16-mile out-and-back swim across the Boston Harbor (between L-Street and Little Brewster Island).  She became the second female to ever complete the course.  Completed on August 12, 2010 in 7:07:48, her swim broke the 41-year-old record by 2 hours, 23 minutes.

Elaine completed the “Triple Crown” of open water, marathon swimming in 2009 by successfully completing swims around Manhattan, NY (28.5 miles); Catalina Island to the California mainland (21 miles); and the English Channel (21 miles).

Elaine has also completed swims of varying distances and difficulties including a 41K in Lake George, NY; a 10-miler in Lake Memphremagog, VT; a 12.5-miler in Key West, FL; and a 2.4-miler in 48 degree water in York, ME.

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A note from Elaine - "In July 1984, at just eight years of age, I lost my little sister, Rachel, to Leukemia. She was only three years old at the time, and I had been the bone marrow donor in the transplant that signaled a last-ditch attempt to save her life. I was devastated and felt inadequate for what I perceived as a failure of excruciating magnitude, but swimming helped me cope and come to terms with what had happened.  I swim because I can and because so many children like Rachel can't.

Our swim this July is meant to honor Rachel and her valiant struggle against Leukemia while bringing hope to others dealing with it today.The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is a charity close to my heart that does the good work of fighting these diseases everyday so that some day, other sisters won't have to go through what we did. Help us find a cure by supporting our swim!"